Frequently asked questions

我可以推薦特色景點和商店嗎? Can I recommend attractions or shops in Hong Kong?

絕對可以。香港地方雖小,但每日都有不同的新發現,我們絕對歡迎所有香港當地人向我們分享你的「流行角落」,讓我們著此對外進行宣傳推廣。 Absolutely. Although Hong Kong is a small city, there are different new iconic places every day. We absolutely welcome all Hong Kong locals to share your "popular corner" with us and let us promote it to tourists.

你們是註冊旅行代理商嗎? Are you a registered travel agent?

是。 Yes.

如果發現APP的資訊有誤或已更改,我可以怎樣做? What should I do if I find that the APP information is incorrect or has been changed?

你可以立即電郵予我們 (cs@popcornhk.com) ,說明有關需修正的地方,我們收到反映後會立即跟進。 You are welcome to email us (cs@popcornhk.com) immediately to explain the relevant amendments. Our team will follow up as soon as we receive the response.

如何成為 PopCorn | Partners 熱點伙伴? How do I become PopCorn | Partners?

想申請成為 PopCorn | Partners 很簡單,只要通過電郵,向我司提供商戶基本資料,我們的銷售同事會與你聯絡。

If you want to be one of the PopCorn | Partners, you could provide basic informations of your store via email, our sales colleagues will contact you soon.